Elementor is a very common WordPress block based plugin that makes creating a unique website extremely simple. Because of all the options Elementor provides, there is little chance that any other will have a duplicate site to yours! View the short video below to learn how to get started with Elementor! The video assumes you already have the plugin Elementor installed and activated before starting. There are over 30 widgets in the free version of Elementor including text editors, columns, buttons, music, code, icons, and…Continue Reading “Using the Elementor Plugin”

There are features in Google Chrome that can be very helpful while designing your domain, but they may be unknown for many. Responsive View This feature allows you to see how your website will look at a variety of widths and on different devices. To find this feature, right-click anywhere on your website, and near the bottom, there will be an option called Inspect. You can also reach this by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I. Once inside the inspector, the left side will be the…Continue Reading “Device Toolbar in Google Chrome”

Each student at St. Norbert is given one gigabyte of space on their domain for free through the Knight Domains program. This storage can fill up quickly, especially if you decide to use many large images on your website. I’ll show you the way to check how much storage you have used so far and two helpful plugins to reduce that number! Looking at storage through CPanel You can check how much storage is being used up on your domain in a few short steps…Continue Reading “Reducing Domain Storage”

It’s been a while since I have posted at all and I just wanted to give a bit of an update on what I have been working on over the past few months! The end of the semester was honestly a bit rough for most of the people around me, and I was no exception. About halfway through last semester, I got an offer to return to a company I had previously worked at, so I added my third job. This meant I was working…Continue Reading “Starting off Spring Semester”

If you have been following the progression of Full Spectrum Learning, you may know that we are in the process of implementing and reaching out to professors for our new data grid! This grid has been such a process and a learning experience for me. There have been a few major concepts I have learned including: How much I love spreadsheets and formulas How complicated a simple visualization actually is How easy it is to become discouraged 1. How Much I Love Spreadsheets and Formulas…Continue Reading “What I’ve Learned While Creating a Data Grid”

I have recently been talking to a group of my friends, and very few of them use Google Calendar. This shocked me because Google Calendar is the only way I am any percent organized right now. Before college, I used my phone’s Apple Calendar, but it pales in comparison to the blessing that is Google Calendar in my life. There are five major advantages of Google Calendar that I think everyone (especially college students) should know. Convenience/Ease Colored Events Sharing Events Checking Others’ Schedules Reminders…Continue Reading “Why Google Calendar Has Helped Me”

With the start of the new year and the second year of my research fellowship, I have been working to update and refine my original goals from the beginning of last year. As a reminder, my goals for last year were: Understand the different styles of teaching and types of learning around the campus community. Learning how to communicate in a group to gain teamwork skills Become more fluent in shooting and editing videos Develop a deeper understanding of WordPress and how to develop a…Continue Reading “Goal Reworking 2019”

It has officially been six full weeks since the start of my Sophomore year at SNC. The weeks have consisted of trying to get back into the rhythm of school and maintaining balance with work. I’m not going to lie saying the first six weeks were easy, sophomore year hit me much harder than freshman year. However, I am finally feeling like I have everything under a bit of control. With that being said, I am also starting to get some projects rolling for this…Continue Reading “Getting Back into the Swing of FSL”

One of the very unique experiences that I have had this year happened earlier this month. From August 4th – 9th I was able to attend Digital Pedagogy Lab in Virginia at the University of Mary Washington. This was an incredible learning experience that I was honored to have the opportunity to attend, and wish more students could also have this experience. Three words drove the experience of this conference for me: Overwhelming. Reflective. Hopeful. Overwhelming A major feeling I had the whole week was…Continue Reading “The “Student Perspective” of Digital Pedagogy Lab”

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Critical Open Pedagogy Track at Digital Pedagogy Lab 2019. Open Pedagogy/Learning can be an incredibly complex topic to understand, and I think it is easily dismissed by the academic community because of this lack of understanding. However, there are an incredible benefit to students and I will try to share my new knowledge of how it can benefit students using my unique perspective of being a student. Simple Definition Open Learning is the art of professors…Continue Reading “What in the World is Open Learning? A Student’s Tale”