ITS Media and Web Assistant

This job focuses on the promotion of Full Spectrum Learning and the research behind it. I work with Academic Technology to explain and advocate for the benefits of Full Spectrum Learning throughout the St. Norbert Campus Community. The current working team is made up of five students and four faculty and staff in order to research and support this initiative.

Full Spectrum Learning

Full Spectrum Learning shows the wide variety of course pedagogies available throughout the campus community. Through a grid system, courses are placed based on their level of technology and professor interaction. Ideally, by the time a student graduates, they will have experienced a wide variety of teaching styles in their experience to have the best variety of skills for the future.

Goals for the Experience

I have developed and refined four separate themes to guide and focus my time while working. They encompass a wide variety of skills and tactics around working in a group, the campus community, videos, and designing websites.

These are my goals for the first year of the fellowship:

  1. Understand the different styles of teaching and types of learning around the campus community.
  2. Learning how to communicate in a group to gain teamwork skills
  3. Become more fluent in shooting and editing videos
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of WordPress and how to develop a more functional website.

My refined and updated goals for the second year of the fellowship are:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of Google Forms and Google Sheets formulas and how that data can correspond to a visualization of data through Data Studio
  2. Understand how to become an effective leader of a group of students and how to effectively communicate and assign tasks to others
  3. Understand on a deeper level the customization and plugin options in Elementor and WordPress themes (also comes from working with TechBar)
  4. Organize and develop the Student Explanation Video with other team members, that will be shown on the Full Spectrum Learning site and shown to students before recording 

Tech Bar Consultant

Working at the Tech Bar, we help to develop students’ digital skills and literacies they have. Helping students one-on-one has really inspired my passion for small group work and helping others. Some of the many services we offer are Google Suite help, Virtual Reality, and video creation through WeVideo. However, the service we help the most with is Knight Domains.

Knight Domains

Also referred to as the Domains Program, Knight Domains allows each student at St. Norbert to own and maintain a piece of the web on their domain. Most students use WordPress to house this content, but other applications are also used. We are able to help students set up their domain and also to customize the site to their liking. Personally, domains are my favorite category to work with because I love to help students make the ideas in their head a reality. I also really love coding in HTML and CSS and I have really enjoyed and learned a lot using the Elementor plugin.

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