With the start of the new year and the second year of my research fellowship, I have been working to update and refine my original goals from the beginning of last year.

As a reminder, my goals for last year were:

  1. Understand the different styles of teaching and types of learning around the campus community.
  2. Learning how to communicate in a group to gain teamwork skills
  3. Become more fluent in shooting and editing videos
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of WordPress and how to develop a more functional website.

A few of these goals I have decided I have completed to the level that I wanted to; mainly goals 1 and 3. I have refined two of my original goals to encompass more of the projects I am hoping to work on this year and then I created two newer goals.

Goal 1: Gain a deeper understanding of Google Forms and Google Sheets formulas and how that data can correspond to a visualization of data through Data Studio 

I have gained a lot of experience in this category already this summer and early this academic year, but I am hoping to continue to learn how much they can be conveyed with such a simple data set.

Strategies 1: Working with Taylor to Create the Data Grid

I have learned a lot about formulas and the possibilities inside Google Sheets with Taylor. I learned almost everything about formulas in Excel and everything is just a bit different. Also being able to understand the possibilities and connections of Google Forms and Sheets is a strong skill that might be helpful for Tech Bar and professors as well.

Measurement 1: Have a Working Data Grid that Changes Automatically when New Data is Added

The ultimate goal for the data grid is for it to be able to fill automatically when a professor fills out the form. This makes it easier for me as I don’t have to manually import anything and it can help the efficiency and speed. The other problem of Data Studio is making the data well represented visually. Input from the team once more data is added will help to understand how to combat this issue.

You can view the progress of this goal on our newly created Participate Page!

Goal 2: Understand how to become an effective leader of a group of students and how to effectively communicate and assign tasks to others

This is a similar goal to one that I created last year, but I wanted to add the leadership aspect to the goal. Before this fellowship, I was horrible and preferred not to work in groups. After just the first year, I feel comfortable in this position and I am hopeful that I can help to mentor the newer students who might have felt the same way as I did the first few months.

Strategies 2: Asking for Feeback

The easiest and most important way to know I am doing this well will be asking the team, especially the students for feedback. I know a major downfall already this year has been a slight lack of communication causing confusion. Making sure each student and member of the team knows their assigned tasks will be important to the flow and timeline of projects.

Measurement 2: Timeline of Tasks and Analyzing Feedback

A major part of knowing if I am doing well will be the feedback I receive from both the leadership team and other students. Making sure everyone is organized and tasks get done in a reasonable time frame is going to be important as well.

Goal 3: Understand on a deeper level the customization and plugin options in Elementor and WordPress themes (also comes from working with TechBar)

This goal is also a slightly adapted goal from one from last year. Coming into last year, I had no experience in WordPress and I still feel like sometimes I feel trapped in trying to change certain aspects of my site. I have learned a lot in the past year, but I want to continue to understand the higher-level options in WordPress and maybe other applications as well.

Strategies 3: Researching the Best Options

I think the major way to make sure we are using the best options is research. Most people use WordPress, but is it the best option for our purposes? I am not sure the answer to this question. My guess right now is yes, because it is the most user-friendly and looking forward would be the easiest to explain to whoever would take over for me. In my personal domain, I might eventually want to use something other than WordPress, especially if I decide to create a portfolio website later on in my college career.

Measurement 3: The Progression of the Website/Other Projects

The main way to see this progress will be looking at the progression of the website from the beginning of the year to the end. The blog has already been a large step in this goal, especially having to use specific plugin options on top of Elementor. This goal can also be seen in the transformation of my personal domain with the skills I learn through TechBar and the FSL website.

Goal from Susan

Goal 4: Organize and develop the Student Explanation Video with other team members, that will be shown on the Full Spectrum Learning site and shown to students before recording 

This video is something that I have been thinking is a good idea ever since we first started filming videos. I think many students are confused about what Full Spectrum Learning is and having a short video that explains many of the broad concepts will be very useful.

Strategies 4: Develop and Organize a Script and Visual 

An important factor of this video is making sure that we don’t rush into trying to create the final project too soon. The basis of making this a successful video is going to be the script. Making sure that the script explains what we want it to in collaboration with Lexi and Britney is going to be crucial. The next step would be brainstorming how we want to visualize the process and then working to put it all together.

Measurement 4: The Final Product and Approval

Creating a visually appealing and informational video that encompasses as much information in a short time that we can. Gaining approval from the rest of the team and officially publishing it to the FSL site or starting to show it to students as part of the process will be the ultimate goal.

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  1. The level of specificity of the goals, including the strategies, and assessments is impressive, Cassie. I have no doubt that you can achieve these outcomes.

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