While attending Digital Pedagogy Lab, most of the questions raised in my track included, “Why should students/faculty care about Open Learning and why is this valuable for students?” In response to these questions, I decided to look back at my first year at St. Norbert to reflect on my most valuable/memorable learning experiences I had 1. Working Collaboratively in a Group with Professors/Faculty The whole of my research fellowship was an experience I was not expecting at all. From the first day, I was surprised…Continue Reading “10 Most Valuable Learning Experiences During My First Year”

I am currently attending Digital Pedagogy Lab in Fredericksburg, VA and I am in the Critical Open Pedagogy Track. Honestly, Open Pedagogy is a very hard concept to understand, so some of the conversation has gone over my head, but I am starting to feel like I have a good grasp on the concepts. Here is my opinion of the beginning of the ABCs of Open Pedagogy. Accessibility In the Open it can be really important to make sure that every student has the correct…Continue Reading “The ABCs of Open Pedagogy”

Attending the 2019 Domains Conference by Reclaim Hosting on June 10th and 11th has made me realize how much progress has been made on Full Spectrum Learning (FSL). When Ruthie and I first started on the FSL team, many things were different or didn’t exist. The main changes include the grid, the website, and the interactive grid videos. The Full Spectrum Learning Grid In the beginning of last year, the grid featured a green axis and a gold axis and had language more focused to…Continue Reading “Evolution of FSL Over the Year”

This summer marks the one-year anniversary of acquiring my domain through St. Norbert’s “Domain of One’s Own” program Knight Domains. I have learned a few important lessons over the past year about what having your own domain can mean. Security The first issue that I never really thought about was the security and privacy on my domain. A few months after having my domain, I realized that if you searched my name, my domain was one of the first things that popped up. I was…Continue Reading “What Having a Domain for a Year Has Taught Me”

This past week, June 9th-12th, I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Domains Conference hosted by Reclaim Hosting in Durham, North Carolina. The experience was truly more unique than any other experience I have had. This was my first education conference, and therefore my first Educational Technology Conference. Biggest Surprise The range of schools across the country that attended, along with the wide variety of stages that the domain programs are currently surprised me the most. From the small, undergraduate Liberal Arts college, in…Continue Reading “What I Learned at Domains ’19: Back to the Future”

Last Friday officially ended my first year of college! I wanted to review my original goals for the year and go over what has surprised me and what I expected. Goal #1: Understand the different styles of teaching and types of learning around the campus community Overall, I would say I have accomplished this goal, even though it is the goal I have done the least work with. However, I do not think I took the route I was expecting. The main way I have…Continue Reading “Year #1 Wrap Up”

These past two weeks have been filled with projects and tasks for starting to wrap up the semester. With only two weeks of classes after Easter break, the end of my first year is almost over! The main project of last week was preparing for the Undergraduate Research Forum. On Friday, I presented alongside the other three Research Fellows for ITS, Vickie Watkins, Ally Laidlaw, and Ruthie Tucker. We presented on Knight Domains and how we incorporate domains into our research along for our personal…Continue Reading “Week 32 and 33: Presentations”

This week was a week of trial and error and accomplishments. The first thing I finished this week was the Interactive Grid. I added and confirmed all of the videos as well as made a new upgrade. Through a few hours of trial and error and many lines of CSS and HTML, the grid now features rollovers. After that, I added the grid to the Full Spectrum Learning Site for the first time. You can see them in action here: The next project for the…Continue Reading “Week 31: Interactive Grid Rollovers and Data Studio”

With this week bringing the completion of the six videos for the original data we have, I started to update the interactive grid to show these changes. After fixing the audio for all of the videos, we uploaded them to the YouTube channel. I then added them to the grid and fixed some layout issues that were coming up. The mobile version turned out to be a bit more of a challenge. I forgot that the mobile and desktop versions were different and I had…Continue Reading “Week 30: Updating the Interactive Grid”

This week was spring break and was spent playing around in Google Data Studio. The goal is to make a bubble chart that live updates once a form is filled out for live data of where professors have placed themselves on the grid. I had never used data studio before and after some time playing around, this is what the report looks like live right now with some sample/older data. https://datastudio.google.com/open/1vrBY0yE1Cc3WAQqWwQnungOFAfXIH8Ay Some of the things I figured out was how to import data from a…Continue Reading “Week 29: Google Data Studio”