Summer of 2020…A Summer Unlike Any Other

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It is no surprise that 2020 has not gone the way any of us thought it would. Like so many others, my whole year has been a roller coaster, especially these past six months.

This summer I’ve had the experience of continuing my work for the Academic Technology team as a Tech Bar Consultant. It wasn’t the original plan for the summer, but I had so much fun and was able to learn a lot about different technologies!

Favorite Part

Hands down my favorite part was being able to work with Annicka, Caleb, and Maverick (the other students) on many different projects. I got to know them a lot better and am excited to be able to keep working with them as Tech Bar Consultants through next year.

Least Favorite Part

My least favorite part was easily not being able to work with everyone in person and see them. I think one of the biggest lessons for me over the past six months has been that I don’t think I ever want a remote job in the future and really need to be able to get out of my house. However, having my commute be 20 feet was pretty nice.

Favorite Projects

I’ve been able to help with a variety of fun projects including the Academic Technology website, video tutorials, and the start of a virtual tour of campus.

Academic Technology Website

The main project I worked on this summer was creating the Academic Technology (AT) website. Web Design is easily one of my favorite things to do, so being given a blank slate and told to go was really fun. It was also a great way to be able to have others understand what part of ITS I work for (I promise I will break your computer more if you ask me to fix it, but I’m your girl for a website or video editing). With everything being more technology integrated this semester, I loved being able to have a central place for all of those important pieces of information.

Academic Technology @ SNC

Navigating Digital Learning Video

One project I was not expecting at all was a video that I collaborated with the three other students on about how to Navigate Digital Learning and the uncertain semester we are going into. We used a program called Engage in the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headsets. I don’t typically like video editing, but this was a fun project to piece together the different views and audio pieces. I also had a bit too much fun with the ending credits (around 8:25 in). Another great part of the video was just getting to spend more time (virtually) because with the four of us together there’s always bound to be a lot of laughs and a fun time to be had.

Virtual Tour of Campus

One project that I have always wanted to work on is a virtual tour of campus! I’m so thankful that I live so close to campus and always had the luxury of visiting whether during the college decision process or while I am a student. I know not a lot of students have this luxury, so I wanted everyone to be able to have the beauty of campus in their pocket.

This summer I got to start the process of this project and have had a blast taking the images and learning more about the history of campus and how it has expanded to its current state.

I’m very thankful for the experience to continue my work with Academic Technology over the summer and can’t wait for this year and to be back on campus for a least a little bit!

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