Why Google Calendar Has Helped Me

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I have recently been talking to a group of my friends, and very few of them use Google Calendar. This shocked me because Google Calendar is the only way I am any percent organized right now.

Before college, I used my phone’s Apple Calendar, but it pales in comparison to the blessing that is Google Calendar in my life.

There are five major advantages of Google Calendar that I think everyone (especially college students) should know.

  1. Convenience/Ease
  2. Colored Events
  3. Sharing Events
  4. Checking Others’ Schedules
  5. Reminders

1. Convenience/Ease

The major reason I love Google Calendar so much is simply the fact of how easy it is to use and how accessible it is. Since the calendar is linked to your Google account, you can easily access it on any device, from your phone with an app or by going to calendar.google.com on a desktop or laptop. Unless you have a MacBook, Apple’s calendar does not translate to a laptop or desktop, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t constantly have their phone on them, making their schedule always easy to check. Personally, this is much better than a planner because I ALWAYS forgot it. Even if it was with me, it was such a hassle to write in and then I would say yes to events and forget about them. Now, with my whole schedule on my phone, this is never a problem.

To schedule an event, all you have to do is to click and drag on the calendar and a popup should appear to schedule a new event (seen below). Then you can just fill out the information listed, or go into more options for a more detailed event. Just click Save and then the event has been created!

2. Colored Events

As you can see in the image above, events can be colored to create an even more organized schedule. For example, my classes, different jobs, and clubs are all different colors. Google Calendar has 11 different color options to choose from! Personally, I am a very visual person and this colored view helps me to organize my schedule mentally as well as on the app. Another visual perk on the desktop/laptop view is the color fade that happens after an event is completed.

3. Sharing Events

Google makes it incredibly easy to share events with other people and groups of people. You just have to add their email address under add guests on the right side. When a person is added, Google automatically adds the option for a hangout meeting.

On the main screen for Google Calendar in the left sidebar, Google also gives you the option to meet with a person. This allows you to type in an email address and that person’s schedule will also pop up on top of yours.

4. Checking Others’ Schedules

As I mentioned a bit before, Google allows you to check other people’s calendars. If a person has an event on their calendar, it will show up as busy. This allows you to easily be able to check and compare schedules with those you are trying to meet with. When all of your events are on your calendar, others can also see when you are busy. An event can also be set to free, meaning you are available during that event. This can be great when blocking time to study for exams.

You can also create and share specific calendars with certain people so they know what you are doing at a specific time. However, when a person types in their email address only their main calendar appears.

You can also set the privacy of your own calendar. Automatically, it shows everyone busy instead of specific events, but you can allow certain people to see the events/places you are at.

5. Notifications

One feature I use frequently on Google Calendar is the notifications of events. If you have notifications turned on, your phone will automatically send you a reminder ten minutes before the event. Personally, this has been really helpful with classes or club meetings because you can get to pretty much anywhere on campus in ten minutes.

When creating an event, you can personalize when you want the notifications as well. This can range from minutes to weeks before an event and multiple notifications for each event can be set.

These are just a few of the many reasons that I love using Google Calendar and it allows me to organize my schedule and never miss an event.

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